About the Instructors


Mestre George Palmares


Born and trained in the birthplace of capoeira: Bahia, Brazil, George moved to America in 2001 and has been teaching capoeira across the country as it was originally taught to him. His journey has taken him from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut to New York City and more recently to Orlando. He brings the unique opportunity for Orlandoeans to learn the original style of capoeira, the way it was passed down from his mestre, Mestre Nô 

Mestre George has performed for Nike, Nego Gato, S.O.B.'s, Ballet Folklorico do Brasil and Oba Oba Afro-Brazilian Dance Company to name a few.

 Ed “Professor” Anderson is the music teacher for Triangle Elementary  in Mt Dora, Florida.

Monitor Professor


 Ed “Professor” Anderson is the music teacher for Triangle Elementary  in Mt Dora, Florida. Monitor Professor has studied both the Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Angola in his 15-year journey in this  Brazilian cultural art form.

In 2017,  Monitor Professor began bridging the gap between the elementary classroom and capoeira by using musical and movement aspects of the martial art of the to teach music theory, performance and multiculturalism to his elementary music students. 

In addition to capoeira, Professor currently maintains an active performing schedule as a freelance steel drum performer and has presented clinics at both the Florida Music Educators’ Association Annual State Conference, Illinois Music Educators' Conference the FMEA Multi-Cultural Summer Workshop,  and the FMEA Summer Music Institute on capoeira and steel drums. 


Monitor Sol

 Ever since I was a little girl I loved marital arts. However, when it came to Capoeira I had always passed it off as an impossibilty because of harsh health issues. Fast forward to 2014, with a husband a two children, I decided if I would have ongoing pain. To at least let let it be while doing something I love and could share with my family and others. Today in 2018, Capoeira l has become like a medicine for my family and my health has improved greatly! Capoeira has been teaching me to find different angles when met with new problems in life. All while exposing me to a culture full of tradition and history. Where we as people come together with respect to celebrate life. I now hold a monitora belt given to me by my Mestre George Palmares and am excited to share with others the value of capoeira. 


Monitor Peixe

Monitor Peixe started his journey in Capoeira in 1995 where he was taught the fundamentals by an exchange student from Brazil. Through his teens he trained in various martial arts, but none captivated him the way that Capoeira did. He would later restart his journey in 2013 under Mestre George Palmares and has be training ever since. His daughter Caremelo even got her first cordão the same year! Today he trains with the Palmares group in Orlando.  


Monitor Lua


For Monitor Lua, Capoeria has been motivating and rejuvenating from the first time he started with Mestre George Palmares in 2015. After his wife and kids joined, he was the last to follow. Learning the value of Capoeira and applying it to life helped him better understand how to navigate though life's everyday challenges at work and home. Its also been one thing he enjoys sharing with his family of Capoeiristas.