Capoeira Workshops/Masterclasses


Capoeira Bateria!

This hour long session will introduce your students to the traditional musical instruments of Capoeira!  Students will receive hands on instruction in playing the Berimbau, Pandeiro, and Atabaque.  Students will also learn to perform traditional Angola and Regional Capoeira Toques on these instruments as well as sing simple traditional Capoeira Corridos! (songs).  Instruments can be provided for up to 18-25 Students! 


Ginga! Capoeira in the Classroom!

 In this session, participants will learn and experience how to incorporate the Brazilian art of Capoeira into the General Music Classroom. Participants will learn basic Capoeira Movement and Music Skills and how to apply them in the elementary or general music classroom lessons and ensembles. Special emphasis will be how these methods can be tied into State and National Music Standards 


Capoeira Especial!

This workshop is designed to introduce ESE and Special Education to the Movement and music of capoeira.  Our certified ESE Instructor will work with your students in teaching them the basic movements of capoeira and percussion instruments.  All Instruments and training materials are provided for the class. 


Volta Ao Mundo! The Music of Brazil!

 In this session, teachers and students will learn to use the music of Samba and Capoeira in the general music classroom.  Music examples of both styles of music will be applied to classroom learning techniques that will give your students a fun way to learn  basic Poly-rhythms and to transfer the styles of music to  the Orff classroom.  

Masterclass/Workshop Pricing

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