Capoeira PAlmares Angola Cordel System

Aluno Gigante receiving his first cordel from Contra-Mestra India

What is a Cordel?

Cordel or "Colored belts" represent the level of a capoeirista's   skill, fitness, agility, improvement, understanding of the game and elements of Capoeira. The various colors show the Degree of MAstery attained by the student, and their level of achievement along the Capoeira Path. A student earns their first cordel in the Batizado, or "Graduation" , that symbolizes their entry into the tradition of capoeira.  A Mestre or a qualified high-ranking instructor will tie on the cordel to the new capoeirista.  That person becomes their Padrinho/Padirinha  (Godfather/Godmother) in Capoeira


Children's Cordel System


Adult Cordel System